The Influential Marketer


If you’re in business and want to grow your influence, impact, and profits, the words you use – both written and spoken – are your vehicle. But you must get them right.  The Influential Marketer shows you how. Organised using a consumable “lesson per page per day” format, it’s a “bible” you’ll keep on your desk and return to repeatedly. It challenges your thinking and inspires you to look at how you communicate. Packed with examples and new ways to grow your influence, once you pick this up, you’ll not look at yourself, your business or the way you communication the same way again.

This book is a must read for anyone in business.

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“Having filmed most of the successful businesspeople, coaches, and marketing experts in Australia, Steve is most definitely one of the best marketing brains I’ve met. His keen understanding of all things marketing, and copywriting is, in my opinion, unparalleled and this book is an absolute must read. If you don’t walk away with a list of things you need to implement from this wealth of knowledge, then you’re kidding yourself.”

-Dan Steinhauer Aart House Productions


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