What Readers Say

Kevin Donlin

Founder, Client Cloning Systems

"This book is a wonderful source of marketing wisdom"

"Personally, I am honored to consider Steve a good friend. Professionally, I envy what he’s done with this book. It shows you how to make your marketing better, your business more profitable, and your life easier -- all in about one minute per day. Far beyond knowledge, this book is a wonderful source of marketing wisdom. Get it, use it, profit."


"Steve really does turn your passion into profit.”

“The Influential Marketer is a power-packed book overflowing with real world ideas that you can immediately apply to connect with your prospects. Steve’s straight forward, no fluff advice has set me up for success in my target market by opening up endless opportunities for sales. He really does turn your passion into profit.”


Therese Markou

Managing Director, CEO Mission Accomplished Pty Ltd

Alison & Danny Halupka

Grant Sheds Monash

"Steve is a delight to work with"

“This guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to marketing and direct marketing in particular. I encourage you to read every word of this valuable resource because you will gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge that you can utilise immediately. Steve Plummer is a “Do as I do” kind of guy, not just a “Do as I say” bloke. I guarantee that what you read in this book is exactly what he does from a practical point of view for himself and his clients. We continuously seek education to improve various aspects of our business. Steve has helped us learn a lot in copywriting, marketing and direct sales for a number of years and the ideas and methods we have implemented, have grown our company immensely. We recently decided to engage him to do much of our marketing for us, taking the strain off us, as our company grows. Just one example, based on the principles in this book, cost us just $500 (one posted letter with product info and offer plus 2 follow up emails) returned sales of $92,000! Steve is a delight to work with, and he is certainly an expert in his field.”


"Thank you for all your help and sharing it in this valuable book"

“When it comes to promoting and building your business – words matter. When you need to sustain and grow your business – sales matter. When I need both, Steve Plummer matters. He is a genius that is genuine. Thank you for all your help and sharing it in this valuable book.”


Cory Robertson

Aboriginal Resource Group/Goanna Services

Dan Steinhauer

Aart House Productions

"Thank you for all your help and sharing it in this valuable book"

“Having filmed most of the successful business people, coaches and marketing experts in Australia, it gives me a pretty good understanding of who is out there helping people in their businesses. Steve is most definitely one of the best marketing brains I’ve met. His zeal for life, family, his keen understanding of all things marketing and copywriting is, in my opinion, unparalleled and this book is an absolute must read. If you don’t walk away with a list of things you need to implement from this wealth of knowledge, then you’re kidding yourself. I’m so proud of him and thankful to call him a friend! Keep rocking it Steve!”


"I believe Steve is the cutting edge"

“Every CEO, business owner, salesperson and marketer wants a competitive advantage over their competition, but not everyone knows how to create and deliver that to the marketplace. Most of the marketing, advertising and sales language is either bland, copied, me-too or a total abject failure and as a direct result, way too many businesspeople go through unnecessary financial hardship, frustration with their marketing, advertising and sales message (no real point of difference). If you have any responsibility for sales or marketing in your organisation, you owe it to yourself to read this book (better still, seek Steve out and have him cast his keen eye and brilliant mind over your projects). There is no secret to the fact that there is an army of competition out there attacking business from every angle, stealing market share and driving prices down, turning products and services into commodities and now more than ever it is imperative that you have a substantial edge. I believe Steve is the cutting edge! He is the difference that makes the difference when it comes down to marketing, sales, cash-flow and profit.”


Mark Selbst

Automotive Business Coach

Naomi Radke and Adam Reeves

Blade Bookkeeping

"This is a must read for every business owner”

“Imagine being taught to paint by Leonardo D Vinci. That’s how we feel after reading The Influential Marketer as we can now craft our messages to attract more leads than we did before. This is a must read for every business owner.”


"There are so many great ideas and tips"

“I must say I am a little pissed off with this new book! There are so many great ideas and tips, you can just bookmark them, and come back to them again and again. I spent countless hours, read hundreds of Steve’s emails, and invested a few grand learning and working with Steve to get access to them - now here they all are! And I use a quite a few of them almost every day – PASPA, starting with the end in mind, and Steve’s writing processes (yes I did edit this a day later). Not to mention some of the topic ideas I have “borrowed” over the years, thanks Steve. They have really helped me and my clients, and if you apply a few of them every month, they will almost certainly work for you too.”


David Letizia

Business Optimised

Colin Cooper

Business Growth Strategist

"The Influential Marketer is a work of art"

“Steve’s words have helped me create multi-million-dollar campaigns for my own projects and clients over the past many years. When you combine very well-crafted sales copy with well-designed business growth and marketing systems, you see magic happen. His new book The Influential Marketer is a work of art. Steve has condensed real-life learning, tips, strategies, hints and even some Copywriting Jedi tricks (he normally never teaches), that even if you suck at English, you will be able to increase your sales and conversions by implementing what you read. If you are in any type and size of business or even just starting out, this is one of those books that if you implement just a couple of the strategies Steve talks about you will see a real positive difference. This book should come as standard with every business and certainly one I now recommend in my Business and Marketing Growth workshops worldwide.”


What Clients Say

Daniel Desteno

National Manager, Healthcare

"Profound positive impact on the business"

"Feedback from key colleagues, including Executive level, have firmly reinforced my earlier beliefs that the decision to appoint Steve was certainly the right one. "I do hope that we have an opportunity to engage his expertise again in the future. His insight, creative mind, and instinctive ability to connect through the power of words is uncanny. "Importantly, his work has had a profound positive impact on our business and demonstrated that his methodology works. Case in point, a 600% ROI to date, not inclusive of future opportunities in the pipeline, that derives from key Marketing Initiatives and project implementations."


"Evidence based and structured… creative and adaptive"

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve Plummer as we developed and implemented an Aged Care sales and marketing strategy. Steve brought marketing expertise and methodology which was evidence based and structured, while always being creative and adaptive. We worked with Steve to develop a clear sales strategy and process which has already proven to be effective in setting up the business for future growth.”


Michael van der Sommen

National Account Manager, Healthcare

Mal Emery

Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” – Perth, WA

“My secret weapon"

“My secret weapon is Steve Plummer. Most of the stuff you see come out of my office has been written by Steve. He has written copy that has produced millions and millions and millions of dollars for us and our clients.”


“A reassuring and inspiring being”

“I recently was lucky enough to have a 1-on-1 planning session with Steve. Something that is rare in this world is someone who “gets you” and has insight beyond the walls of first impressions… Steve is that guy. A reassuring and inspiring being, he gently and calmly encouraged me to take a chance .....with many Gems of wisdom to Super charge my business.”


Carolyn Kenrick

Artist and creator of brainchild ink. Sydney

David Letizia

Your Business Optimised – Brisbane

“I now need to engage extra people to deal with the demand”

“When you’re by yourself in your own business you are often so busy it’s hard to set realistic targets for yourself and to see the gaps in what you are doing. Steve helped me see exactly how I have been bringing my own engineering background into the work I do for clients and refine my messaging to reflect this. He’s been a wise sounding board. Steve’s given me new ideas to take parts of my business in a new direction and working with him has helped me to be more in tune with how new contacts see what I am doing - which has really changed things for me. I’ve known him for a number of years and I could have chosen to work with other mentors, but I picked him because I felt a strong connection and I have enjoyed doing some of his training is the past. I’ve gone from wanting new clients to now needing to engage extra people to deal with the increased demand, and it’s only been 90 days. Thanks a lot Steve! No really - it is a good problem to have.”


“He becomes your ally, a neutral sounding board, primary strategist”

“Steve brings a highly personal technical skillset paired with an emotional intelligence, that is both seamlessly highly targeted and broad based as required, always working closely with you and your brief to produce bespoke communications, marketing strategies and materials across a wide range of media, delivery techniques and technologies. "His copywriting sits well beyond top shelf. It is elegantly and deceptively effective, delivers immediate relatable insights - inciting action/s in the reader/listener. Above all Steve’s approach connects you quickly with the right people, who can make the key decisions you need for the results-based outcomes you are seeking. "Steve also worked with us in herding our internal stakeholders into the required action/results, in parallel to and comprehensively supporting the external customer-based campaigns we crafted together. He becomes your ally, a neutral sounding board, primary strategist, crap filter and ideas amplifier. "Your staff and teams become empowered, motivated and energised with new tools, approaches and psychologies to take on new markets, optimise existing customer bases, launch new products and services, solve the insoluble and resolve that intractable blockage that you have been losing sleep over for way too long. "With Steve on-board you will create, plan and move mountains in ways and by means previously unimagined.”


Martin Kenrick

Director, Raw Power Pty Ltd

Darren Lattin

Founder ESAM Consulting Brisbane

“Helped us better understand and position ourselves”

"I just want to say thanks. Prior to engaging Symmetry Marketing, we were unable to clearly define who ESAM Consulting was and what our value is in the market. Engaging with Steve has enabled us to better understand and position ourselves for our current and future clients. Steve is easy to work with and knowledgeable. He’s passionate and genuine about helping improve your marketing approach. I'm not a marketing/sales person at all. I wouldn’t have been able to refine and articulate who we are. For me, the overwhelming feeling after working with Symmetry Marketing is one of satisfaction.”


"I was full of anxiety… now I get numerous compliments”

“I now feel great pride, relief, and comfort because when I first called Steve I had a booking schedule empty, with no certainty of revenue, with staff wages and business expenses certain to be outgoing. Steve worked with me to develop my business, my marketing, and my copywriting. We got clear on who we were, what we delivered to the market, who our clients were, where to find them, and Steve created the marketing and copy to bring in the clients. I now have a fully booked out schedule with a waiting list months long and was able to turn down business and charge more whilst having happy customers. Steve's down to Earth, genuine, and authentic, while being patient, and is extremely capable.”


David MacDonald

Balmain Slipway