New Book Reveals the Secrets to Greater Influence and Profits

For business owners, marketers, copywriters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who want to skyrocket their results.

This easy-to-consume lesson per page per day “bible” challenges your thinking and inspires new ideas about how you communicate in your professional and personal life.

I must say I am a little pissed off with this new book! There are so many great ideas
and tips, you can just bookmark them, and come back to them again and again. I
spent countless hours, read hundreds of Steve’s emails, and invested a few grand
learning and working with Steve to get access to them – now here they all are! And I
use quite a few of them almost every day… They have really helped me and my
clients, and if you apply a few of them every month, they will almost certainly work
for you too.

- David Letizia

Your Business Optimised

What you can expect from The Influential Marketer

  • The secret to unblocking writer’s block – see #98, #274, #311
  • Breakthrough trust tactics that bond you to your market (it’s deeper than testimonials – see #15, #125, #255, #282, #318)
  • Lies, damn lies, and what’s working now… not every business sells financial newsletters or health supplements… some of what you hear online from overnight “offer owner gurus” is useless in a broader market where most businesses operate – see #70, #148, #237, #327, #349
  • Three things you can do immediately to increase the QUALITY of your messages, no matter how low you rate your writing ability (see #1, #104, #147, #361)
  • Steal these proven headline formulas to boost response: go straight to entries #53, #72, #96, #181, #228, #280
  • SPEED WRITING: the easiest way to get in the “writer’s zone” – examples of free resources that boost productivity in entries #128, #245, #258, #352
  • The fastest way to flick the switch in your brain to “success” mode: mindset secrets revealed in #12, #26, #69, #208, #244, #275
  • How the RIGHT words position your business or offer right at the start: #3, #66, #71, #115, #181, #269, #271

            And much much more 

Dear fellow business owner,

If you want to expand your audience, deepen your impact, and grow your profits… you must be able to INFLUENCE others.

And the most powerful way to do this is with your words, both written and spoken. You see, every time we communicate with another human, we are “selling”… even when no money changes hands.

Whether it’s a product, a service, a new idea… how you “show up” and what you say is vital…

The Influential Marketer shows you how to do it the right way:

It all comes down to words. Those used internally with yourself and externally with others.

What you get with The Influential Marketer is an easy-to-read and consume single lesson per page “bible” that not only gives you proven tools but challenges your thinking and inspires new ways to create results.   

Once you engage with this book, you’ll never look at yourself, your business, or how you communicate the same way ever again.

As one entrepreneur says, “this book should come as standard with every business”. Order your copy today.

How useful is this book in the real world – see what business owners say!

Some of the businesses Steve has applied the principles in this book to:

This Book Will NOT be a Best-Seller

Every “guru” these days claims a “best seller” complete with a multi-step funnel… upsells, one-time offers, and exit pop ups and more.
Some of these “best seller” claims are real.  Many are not. They only get their “badge” by manipulating the algorithm on Amazon. It’s easy enough to do.

Good luck to them but I’m not interested in a vanity metric like this.
For me – and shock horror, dinosaur in da house – a book is a physical, tactile experience.

Yes, this is MY bias… and if that doesn’t vibe with you, you only want Kindle, fair enough, don’t buy.

 You see we spend so much time on a screen these days, anything we can do to reduce screen time in my view is worthwhile. So yep, this is a book in the traditional sense.

What I’ve created for you is based on my in the trenches lessons, my combined millions in sales for clients, and my failures.

Yes, we all have them… no one is that good… despite what carefully selected snapshots “they” show you on the socials… the reality is nothing goes right all the time, nothing!

And it’s my hope you’ll take the lessons in The Influential Marketer and apply them to your business and life so you have more wins than losses so your influence grows.

This book is has many stories about me and my writing. But they’re really about YOU and how you can use them to improve your marketing and your life.

This easy-to-consume lesson per page per day "bible" challenges your thinking and inspires new ideas about how you communicate in your professional and personal life.

If you are searching for an edge, a slight advantage, a shortcut to success, then these pages provide many ways to help you do that.  And if you want a powerful “companion” on the business journey ahead, one you turn to time and again, then let the words here be that help, that support, and that guide. I wish you every success in your business.

– Steve Plummer

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - What qualifies me to teach this?

Here’s the TLTR version of me:

  • Teaching is in my DNA – I spent 20 years as a high school teacher, faculty head and deputy principal
  • I’ve been a freelance journalist, including time as one of Australia’s leading boxing writers
  • I’ve been a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, copywriting coach, and  speaker for more than a dozen years
  • I’ve run countless live workshops online, from the stage single sessions at big live events, and longer multi-day in person seminars
  • I’ve written words that have produced, in one client’s words, “millions and millions and millions of dollars in sales”
  • I appeared on the same podcast as Gary V, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Thomas, and more
  • I’ve worked for all size businesses both B2C and B2B
  • An ASX Top 200 company retained my services for more than 18 months

I could go on. You get the point. I’ve “earned” my writing chops. And many many of the great lessons discovered along the way are delivered to you on a platter in this book.

The Influential Marketer is packed with examples and new ways to grow your impact.

Once you pick this up, you’ll not look at yourself, your business or the way you communication the same way again. And yes, it’s an ideal companion for anyone who uses AI-generated content.

"Imagine being taught to paint by Leonardo Da Vinci. That's how we feel after reading The Influential Marketer as we can now craft our messages to attract more leads than we did before. This is a must read for every business owner."

Naomi Radke and Adam Reeves
– Blade Bookkeeping

In The Influential Marketer you'll discover:

  • Help to diagnose your market – it’s in here!
  • Understanding the psychology of sales – it’s in here!
  • How to craft great headlines that grab attention – it’s in here!
  • Keys to dealing with buyer’s remorse – it’s in here!
  • How to write high converting sales messages – it’s in here!
  • Secrets to authenticity – it’s in here!
  • How to cut through in a noisy world – it’s in here!
  • The three key sales questions – are in here!
  • How to make your writing read fast – it’s in here!
  • Words to use to open a sales conversation – it’s in here!
  • Success thinking – it’s in here!
  • Lead magnets that work – it’s in here!
  • Copywriting tips, tricks and seldom revealed hacks – are in here!
  • How to plan a landing page video – it’s in here!
  • Lead generation made simple – it’s in here!
  • And much more!

If you want new ways to grow your impact so you bring deeper meaning to your professional life, then this book is for you.