“The One Thing” to generate Deal Flow

If you’ve ever been stuck for how to reach out to prospects – or – you feel your business is in a flat spot then download and print this 11-point weekly action list that gets you back on track fast

My comprehensive 42-point Copywriting Critique Checklist

What to look for when you review your written messages… broken into key parts… Headline – Offer – Proof – Copy. Just one or two things identified and tweaked could be the difference between success and failure! Download, print and tick off as you go.

How to close more sales recorded training

Discover the 7 ways to present price so you show up in the market the right way and move more people to a “yes”. Duration: 44.08 minutes

The “10 Read Throughs” that turn average content into high quality and high converting messages

More than the “mechanics” of writing, when used in conjunction with the 42-point checklist, it elevates your thinking and communication skills to a new level.
Download – print – use as required!

How good is your headline?

Free online sites that help you test your headlines – an invaluable resource for anyone who writes plus they are simple and easy to use

#1 – How emotional is your headline?

This resource from Advance Marketing Institute gives you an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. When we connect with our market in an emotional way we succeed in growing our influence and impact. The EMV score is calculated based on the number of emotional words compared to the total words in your headline. The higher the better. It even gives you the breakdown of Intellectual, Empathetic, and Spiritual words you use. An outstanding tool.


#2 – How engaging is your headline?

Share through provides this free resource. Type in your headline and it gives you:

A Headline Quality Score (out of 100 – the higher the better)

An engagement Score (out of 100 – the higher the better)

Impression Score (out of 100 – the higher the better)

So you can see how your words “rate”. It’s an excellent checking tool. Plus it gives you suggestions for improvement.


Copywriting Deep Dive:

 The interview where Steve appeared on the same show as Gary V, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Thomas, and others! On this recording with one of Australia’s leading Real Estate coaches I reveal some copywriting secrets I rarely teach. Duration 25.41 minutes